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Sunday 29 September 201914.00

RUMS WFC Welcome Picnic

  1. Location: TBC
  2. Date: 29/09/19
  3. Time: 14:00
  4. Duration: roughly 2-3 hours
  5. Level/Standard (if applicable): All levels and abilities welcomed (including if you’ve never kicked a ball before) We’ll be playing a bit of football but this is mainly a chance to hang out and get to know other members of the club over some nice food.
  6. What to wear? Sportswear/ anything comfortable and suitable trainers/football boots
  7. How to get there? TBC
  8. How they sign up? Just turn up. Join our facebook event for more information.
  9. Meeting point: TBC
  10. Lead contact: Rachel Cocks
  11. How to get in touch? Through our facebook page RUMS WFC.