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Wednesday 25 September 201912.00 to 16.30

i. Location - Southgate hockey pitch

ii. Date - 25th Sep and 2nd Oct

iii. Time - About 12pm

iv. Duration - Southgate hockey pitch booked from 2-4:30 and then a free BBQ after

v. Level/Standard (if applicable) - Any level

vi. What to wear? - Suitable clothes for running and shinpads.

vii. How to get there? - Meet at Huntley bar at 12pm

viii. How they sign up? - Found us at the RUMS welcome fair on Tuesday the 24th September or on Facebook at ‘Rums Hockey’

ix. Meeting point - Huntley Bar

x. Lead contact - Tanvir Duhra

xi. How to get in touch? - Email me on ‘