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Thursday 22 November 201818.00 to 20.00

Have you ever been to the gym and been at a loss when approaching the rowing machine? Ever wanted to try it out but realise you don’t know how to? This event is for you.

Rowing is the ultimate full-body workout covering cardio, core and legs (not just the arms)! Learn how to get to grips with the rowing machine in a fun, relaxed environment with one-on-one instruction. We will introduce you to the basics of indoor rowing and dispel common misconceptions about the rowing machine.

We will explain what the screen means, how to set up the machine, warm up and most importantly-row!

The women of RUMS boat club will be running four sessions at Bloomsbury Fitness, lasting around 45 minutes each with a maximum of 6 participants per session, so involve your friends, give it a go and show that This UCL Girl Can Row!

Sign up to a time slot and message if you have any questions!