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Thursday 17 May 201818.00 to 19.00

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week: 14th-20th May

1 in 4 people in the UK will experience mental health problems each year, with stress being a key factor. To help your mental wellbeing, remember to stay active! 

Park Yoga

Project Active’s Park Yoga is back for a second year! Join us in Tavistock Square on the evening of Thursday 17th May and de-stress. Enjoy the benefits of yoga combined with the well-being and stress releasing effects of being outdoors, surrounded by nature

Our theme this year will be ‘Beyond the Bloom’.

Instructor Fizz will help you explore what the meaning of growth and bloom is through her fun loving dynamic vinyassa flow class. Linking movements with your breath and making shapes with your body, she will help you tune into not only some aspects of the philosophy of yoga but also exploring elements with finding your childhood imagination. Taking moments to visualise and explore what ‘inside out’ means to you. Never doubt your ability and imagination.

“From little seeds we will become mighty trees” :)