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Monday 11 January 2021 (All day) to Friday 5 February 2021 (All day)

In response to feedback we are making some changes to Postgraduate Project Active classes in the new year.

We will be offering ‘class packages’ allowing you to sign up to multiple classes for the whole month  of January.  Classes start the week beginning the 11th January, so the ticket will also include classes in the first week of February.

For online classes, the more you sign up to the bigger the discount!

We are also adding 2 new Classes.  Start the week with Stretch and strengthen, and a mid week intensive Freestyle Barre:

Class Timetable:

Monday: 0815-0900 Stretch and strengthen (FREE - ticket required)

Tuesday: 0830-0930 Pilates

Wednesday: 1800-1900 Freestyle Barre

Thursday: 1740-1830 Yoga


1 type of class for the month will cost £7.00

2 types of classes for the month will cost £13.00

All 3 classes for the entire month will cost £19.00

Just select the package you want from the drop down menu on the ticket box.

In Person Classes

We will also be offering these classes in person and tickets are available until the end of December or until they run out. 

You will be able to purchase access to a whole month of classes for £12.00 (in either yoga, pilates or barre; multiple tickets can be purchased). 

Tickets for in person classes are limited and we will be running the classes in the Bloomsbury Building on Gordon Street.  

Again, just select the IN PERSON class you would like in the ticket dropdown.

In person classes will follow strict COVID guidelines.

For more information please email

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