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Wednesday 13 January 202113.00 to 15.00

Whether you missed the boat on joining sports clubs in September/ October (it’s never too late to join though - you can join anytime!) or you’ve got new year goals to be more active, we’ve got you covered. 

On 13 January we’ll be live broadcasting all the different ways you can be a bit more active at UCL, no matter your level of fitness. You can be that person who takes the stairs instead of the lift for your daily dose of activity or someone who runs half marathons for fun! Whatever it is, we’ll be bringing along our sports clubs, Project Active and members of Bloomsbury Fitness to talk to you about how you can get moving at UCL. There will also be live Yoga and Dance Fit tasters, and a series of giveaways for viewers!

Due to the restrictions in place as a result of the ongoing pandemic, a large focus of the fair will be on ways to stay active during lockdown and an introduction to some of the active challenges that we’ll be running at TeamUCL this term. The broadcast will also include content and interviews from RUMS Hockey, Karate, Ultimate Frisbee, Pole Fitness, Muay Thai, Men’s Hockey, Dodgeball, Lacrosse and Barbell Club.

Live Broadcast link

See the stalls - Clubs will be available to speak to you from 14:30 onwards!

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