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TeamUCL League Ultimate Frisbee 

We are delighted to be able to host an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament at the Copper Box Arena on Wednesday 21st June, 12:30-5pm. You can enter as an individual or gather your friends and enter as a team- whether you've played for years or never had a go before, this will be a fun opportunity to celebrate the start of Summer!

Teams will be made up of 5-8 players and team entry is £25 and we also have the opportunity to sign up as an individual for £4. The event will be held indoors at the Copper Box Arena and will run in a tournament format. All equipment will be provided on the day.

If you have any questions, please reach out to TeamUCL ([email protected]


What is Ultimate?

Ultimate is a fast growing team sport that is sort of a mix between netball and rugby, only with a frisbee (aka disc). You can't move when you have the frisbee, you can only hold it for a certain amount of time, and you score by catching it in the opposing end zone. Also, it's one of the only competitive sports that is self-officiating. Spirit of the Game is a really useful way to keep games fun and fair, so that everyone has the best time possible.

Wheelchair accessible
Family friendly