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Wednesday 25 November 202017.00 to 19.00

Zoom link:…
Meeting ID: 935 8384 1724
Passcode: 964533

The form and event are open to ALL.

If you are joining with a non-UCL Zoom account, please fill in this very short security form, or you will not be allowed in:

The GRA Inquiry form:

Please download:

1) The template:
- All questions are optional. If short on time, prioritise Q8 & 9 in the 1st part and Q3 & 5 in the 2nd part.
- Your response can be anonymous.
- You are encouraged to edit the template however you like, to have variety in responses to the government.

2) The NUS answering guide:
- We will use this guide in the session to inform our answers to the questions.
- You don’t have to follow the guide.


The government has launched a new inquiry, an online form open to everyone, into proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act, an act widely criticised as outdated and forcing trans people to go through a humiliating and bureaucratic process to be recognised as their gender. This is a massive opportunity to improve lives for trans people. But, the form closes on the 27th.

So, join us this Wednesday where we will respond to the form en-masse, over discussions on trans experiences and the significance of the GRA. If you are an ally, we encourage you to come, as there is power in numbers and the event will give you much perspective on issues affecting trans people. But, we also request you make space for trans people to lead the discussion.

Co-hosting will be Elio Yague, a UCL student campaigning for GRA reform as part of his coursework. He will cover the history of the GRA and share insights and statistics on the ways in which the act has real impacts on trans lives and has failed to secure the rights of trans people. We will use these statistics, among others, in our responses.

This is short work with huge impacts on trans lives. We hope to see you there.

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