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Tuesday 29 October 201918.30 to 21.00

This event will bring together a wide range of people to discuss environmental justice issues within urban areas like London and throughout the world. We will focus on the disparities between the impacts of environmental hazards and climate change on different groups of people, due to race, class, income, geographical location and other forms of discrimination.

Environmental mistreatment and social inequality are often symptomatic of the same problems: prejudice, racism and discrimination.Yet they are rarely considered on the same platform.

Not only do we aim to increase awareness about how environmental issues (disproportionately) impact specific groups, but also its place amongst political and societal dynamics. We also hope to create a space for people of different activist interests to come together. Finally, we are hoping to generate wider conversation and debate on important issues that are rarely taken out of lectures.

This event is a collaboration between the student-led volunteer project UCL Environmental Justice Project and the Black and Minority Ethnic Student’s Network. All students are welcome.


Black Futures

We must act in the present to make our future what we want it to be. ‘Black Futures’ asks us how we want to move from surviving to thriving. ‘Black Futures’ asks us to reclaim history for ourselves… because history is political and so is our future.

What is the BME Network

The Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Students’ Network is a place of support, acceptance and activism. This year we’ll be running the Decolonising UCL campaign, working to close the BME attainment gap, supporting the fight for free education by resisting changes to higher education that hit BME students the hardest and fighting for free crisis accommodation for students in need.