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Wednesday 25 November 202014.00 to 15.00

This social is open to anyone who is on the aromantic spectrum, on the asexual spectrum, or questioning and will be held on Zoom (Zoom link:…). This social will be somewhat cake-themed! 😗🎂🍰 I will be hosting a collaborative doodle/drawing on where you can draw/decorate cake (or anything else because there’s no reason to limit ourselves to cake). I mainly want to provide a platform where everyone can talk about anything they want, so you don’t have to draw if you don’t want to! The collaborative doodle is just a little fun activity to do while we talk. You can just come and chill or maybe even make a cake while on Zoom!
- Yin Pui/Yin (they/she), Aro/Ace Rep

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