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Monday 19 October 202013.00 to 13.30

The international common rooms have been set up to give you an opportunity to meet new people, meet our amazing cultural societies, share ideas and passions, ask questions and build networks in the UCL’s global community. For the next two weeks we (your International Student’s Officers) will be holding drop-in sessions in each common room where you can reflect on your experience at UCL and Student Union so far. If there is something you don’t like, this is your opportunity to tell us, so we could fix it asap. You can also join to ask for advice or just to have some chat.


(10/14)Wednesday 13.00-13.30 Europe

(10/15)Thursday 13.00-13.30 China

(10/16)Friday 13.00-13.30 East Asia

(10/19)Monday 13.00-13.30 South East Asia

(10/20)Tuesday 13.00-13.30 Middle East

Dates for pending common rooms will be posted soon!

Click the link to access the common rooms.

See you there!