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Thursday 3 December 202018.00 to 19.00

For UK Disability History Month the UCL Disabled Students’ Network is hosting a series of talks on disability history and empowerment. On 3rd December 6-7pm we are hosting the talk: Approaches to Ability and Form in Ancient Egypt and Greece.

What can the ancient past, and our study of it, inform us about disability and the ways in which it has been at the very centre of our cultural identities across time and space? In this talk for Disability History Month, Kyle Lewis Jordan - a postgraduate student of Egyptology and Near Eastern heritage - talks to us about his recent comparative study of disability in both Ancient Egypt and Greece, and how their unique approaches to both ‘Form’ and ‘Ability’ not only inform us about their attitudes but how our own study of them tells us a lot about ours as well. From art, to literature, philosophy and myth, join us on what promises to be a very reflective journey.

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