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Tuesday 20 October 202018.30 to 22.00

The Black Power Mixtape 1967-75 uses archive footage captured by a Swedish news team in the US during this turbulent period in the history of American racial equality. The framing of the notable events and figures through the eyes of a non-American group of filmmakers gives startling insight into the climate in the USA at the time and allows for revealing contrasts to Europe. This is a film that is highly valuable in understanding the political and philosophical arguments that underpinned the black power movement and the conflict within it over the use of militant tactics. It also features some deeply thought-provoking words from the likes of Angela Davis, Martin Luther King Jr. and Stokely Carmichael.

Discussion will follow each film over zoom, a great space for discussing your ideas and engaging in productive debate. Alternatively, treat the discussion like a podcast and just sit back to listen to other students’ thoughts. These screenings will be an opportunity for UCL’s student community to engage with ideas regarding racial identity and racism over history as well as the present day.

The stream will be shared on the Film Soc streaming platform

No FilmSoc membership required and the event is free to attend.


Black History Month 2020 - Black Futures: The Future is Now

“This year, I chose the theme of ‘Black Futures: The Future is Now’ to consider how the past influences the future, how history and knowledge can be reclaimed, how we can make and imagine a liberated future for ourselves and how we can achieve justice.”

Sandy Ogundele
Black, Ethnic and Minority Students’ Officer