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Thursday 26 November 202018.00 to 20.00

A bespoke online workshop designed by Up skill 4 life to develop you as a student leader, helping you successfully navigate the new normal, and understand how to lead your groups and communities through these challenging times. 

In this session we will cover:

- The new normal for your club/society – what does this look like?
- Reconnecting with your team’s purpose & values
- Emotional contagion – the impact of your emotions on others
- The human touch – keeping your student community connected
- Exploring different leadership styles & using them in the new normal
- Prioritising – what stays? What goes? What’s new?
- Creative thinking techniques to evolve your service
- Why people resist change? And how to overcome it
- Building the new normal around your cultural architects
- Collective & individual accountability in your club/society

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Free ticket