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Tuesday 19 November 201918.00 to 20.00

This skills session is designed and delivered by Up Skill 4 Life. Established in 2009, Up Skill 4 Life drives a step change in people through the design and delivery of tailored, relevant and engaging training workshops. All of their workshops are underpinned by the core belief of never using slides.

Learning outcomes for this session will include: 

  • Learning how to influence both individuals & groups
  • Exploring 6 principles of effective influencing
  • Exploring the differences between personal Vs positional power
  • Adaptability – influencing different people, in different ways, at different times
  • Asking intelligent questions – clarifying what people are really after
  • Using memory skills to influence – why are memory skills so important?
  • Statistics Vs stories – learning how to appeal to the heart, not just the head
  • The golden rules to impactful story telling

This session will be delivered by Jonathan Day. Jonathan has worked in training and development for nearly 14 years, and founded Up Skill 4 Life Ltd in 2009. Throughout this time a key focus of his work has been to design and deliver engaging training courses that enhance the knowledge, skills and behaviours of both students and graduate recruits. Jonathan’s philosophy towards training is simple – it should be tailored, interactive and NEVER USE SLIDES.