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Wednesday 27 May 202017.00 to 17.30

A 30 minute guided mindfulness meditation session to help you feel less stressed and more relaxed.

About this Event

Do you feel overwhelmed with workload and studies? You may be feeling particularly stressed or anxious due to the current coronavirus outbreak? Do you want to meditate but you feel you need some help?

Come to a guided mindfulness meditation session where we’ll mindfully scan through the body from head to toes for about 20 minutes, noticing our emotions and the sensations in our body whilst paying attention to our breath and also spend the last 5-10 minutes in complete silence.

Meditation has been shown to slow down brain wave activity, reduce stress and anxiety and improve wellbeing. By the end of the session you should experience an inner peace and calmness that you can take with you throughout your day or evening ahead.

Joining Instructions: You’ll need to access Zoom via desktop or download the app. You do not need an account or subscription to use Zoom. Once you’ve purchased your ticket, you’ll be emailed a link to join the class closer to the time.