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Tuesday 21 January 202018.00 to 20.00

Come join for our weekly IMPROV workshop!

Improv is all about thinking quickly on your feet and coming up with characters and story lines on the spot. Every workshop will focus on one or several essential lessons, designed to teach key improv skills. There’s no need for previous experience and no pressure to perform at shows.

These workshops work towards performing with The Blank Slates, the society’s improv group. There are regular performance opportunities at our variety shows in the Mullys bar and a great opportunity to get started in improv theatre.

We are one of the nation’s top student comedy groups and London’s best. We’ve been bringing laughter to the hallowed halls of UCL since 2010, where we hold regular workshops in sketch, stand-up and improv comedy. In the run up to our annual trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, we put on weird and wacky shows in London theatres and UCL bars, showcasing the comedic talents of members old and new.