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Thursday 23 January 202012.00 to 13.00

Find out what kinds of birds live around campus, how you can identify species and what you can do protect them on this relaxed lunch-hour birdwatching session. We meet at 12pm outside the printroom cafe and then first head to Gordon Square (in case you’re a bit late).
We’ll walk up to Russell Square and will be back where we started after around an hour, unless we see something really exciting (which DOES happen), in which case we might take a little longer. But it’s drop in - drop out, as you please.
If you’re keen to join more of our bird surveys on campus or our other future activities, you can also find out more here:…

So, if you want to get more connected with wildlife, nature or just want to spend more time outside in 2020, why not give this a shot? All levels of experience welcome!