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Monday 14 May 201812.00 to 14.00

To help you through the exam period, get back to nature and celebrate Mental Health Awareness week, we have a week of relaxing, outdoor activities that will make you feel good. 

What have we got planned?

All week

Our Volunteering Service have teamed up with Kew Gardens and Green UCL to bring flower planting to the Wilkins Terrace. 

Along with seed planting, you’ll be able to refresh yourself with a smoothie - as long as you’re willing to put in the pedal power to mix it! 

And while you’re there, why not help us make this place look nice by decorating a pennant of our wellbeing bunting?

You’ll also have the chance to contribute to the future of green spaces on the UCL campus. Green UCL will be there with us, showing you their vision for a greener, prettier campus and asking for your input on the plans.

And of course, our stress free zone will still be set up in the Garden Room for you to grab hot drinks and snacks throughout the long library days and take a quiet break from the books.

Special events


Thames Estuary Partnership will be showcasing their project all about the role the ocean has to play in health and wellbeing. They’ve put together an ocean playlist for us all to enjoy!


It may not remove the stress that comes with exams entirely, but it’s pretty cute and it’s a really Instagrammable break, so we’re bringing back the exam time staple that is the petting zoo.  Come stroke a goat!


Thames Estuary Partnership will be back to tell us more about the ocean and its meditative effects.


Student group UCell will be joining us with their hydro powered remote control cars (yes, really!). You’ll be able to race your study partner around the terrace and compete over something other than who’s written the most notes for a bit.


We’ll be holding a vegetarian/vegan picnic!  Salads, wraps, fruit, drinks and picnic blankets provided.

#GrowWild #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek