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Friday 13 March 202015.00 to 17.00

***This event has been CANCELLED. We will be in touch with further information***


Prof. Michael Arthur: The President and Provost, UCL

Nilisha Vashist: Women’s Officer Students’ Union UCL

Kelsey Paske: Behaviour and Culture Change Manager, EDI

Event description

In the celebration of Women’s History Month, we bring you face-to-face with the Provost and his office who would share UCL’s journey and progress on putting a full-stop to problematic behavior leading to bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct among students and staff.

The audience would be presented with a short summary of UCL’s work in last few years on improving its policy and procedures on sexual misconduct, bullying and harassment under the name of “Full-Stop Campaign”.

Based on the summary, the Provost would discuss key points with the Women’s Officer. Once the Provost has shared his experiences/thoughts on the themes raised, the floor would then open to the audience to ask any further questions to the Provost, the Equality Diversity and Inclusion team at his Office, and the Women’s Officer.

Event outline

15:00-15:05: Audience settles in.

15:05-15:10: Women’s officer introducing herself, Kelsey and the Provost.

15:10-15:25: Kelsey Paske presents an executive summary of UCL’s work in last six years on personal relationships policy and guidance as well as pioneering work on full stop campaign (including work done with the Students Union like active bystander, consent trainings, etc.), and UCL’s vision for its students and staff.

15:25-16:00: Discussion on the summary with Provost

Themes: Beginning of the ‘Full-Stop’ campaign; Mainstreaming EDI in UCL’s ethos; What does it take to address and resolve the fact that Universities are hierarchical spaces with power imbalances between students and staff; how can students navigate the ‘think-mist’ of procedures and regulations to make this campaign successful at ground level (in relation to new policies); future of this campaign as you prepare to handover to your successor.

16:00-16:45: Audience Q&A

17:00: End of event.