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Tuesday 17 September 201912.45 to 15.30

Meet new people… At speed!

Befriend someone, maybe even the entire group, as you spend 2 minutes per person getting to know each other in record time. The format is similar to speed dating only you’re speed… friending? We’ll provide some prompts, name labels, chairs and tables - you simply have to bring the chat and the good attitude! 

Groups of up to 40 will be split, and sat face-to-face. You’ll have 2 minutes to introduce yourselves and get to know each other before one of you moves on. The session ends when a full rotation has taken place. We should be able to run three sessions based on numbers. Please come to the Marquee before these times to ensure you have a spot on each session: session 1 - 13.00, session 2 - 14.00, session 3 - 15.00.  

This event is non-alcoholic.

Accessibility Information:

Quad Marquee: Step-free access available via ramps leading into the Marquee on both entrances. We can accommodate wheelchair users, for any other accessibility requirements, please let the staff know and we will try to accommodate you.