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Thursday 1 October 202012.00 to 13.00

Everyone wants to find mates, let alone soulmates in their lives. The Hey Team will host this session to help you get closer to just that. In the session, you’ll fill out a quick survey to see what you like, what makes you smile, what makes you jump. Let’s see if we can find a group of people that is close to your heart and begin the start of a great friendship. Don’t worry, this is not a dating session, so you’ll not be left alone with just one person, we promise!! There’ll be 10 minutes at the end where you can just have a chat with people and ask the Hey Team anything you’d like to know about being a student at UCL.

Hosted by the Hey Team - they’re a friendly bunch of UCL students who are keen to help you settle in to life at UCL and answer any questions you have!

If you’re interested, purchase a free ticket to sign up to this event. Ticket holders will receive links to join the meetings 24 hours before the actual events take place.