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Friday 27 November 202013.00

 Greetings from your Social & Historical Sciences Postgraduate Research Faculty Representatives! We realise this is no ordinary start to the school year and opportunities to meet and get to know each other are limited. With this in mind, we would like to invite you, our Social & Historical Sciences PhD friends and colleagues, to a Friday lunchtime informal chat to share some of your stories, experiences, advice, and wisdom.  

We heard from many of you that finding opportunities to connect and socialise is difficult this year. As a result, we are trying something out: a series of low-key, semi-structured dialogues by research students for research students. Make some tea or coffee, grab lunch or a snack, and join us to have a chat with students from across the faculty and learn about their lives, struggles, triumphs, and wisdom.  

Details   This panel discussion is a chance for us to hear how PhD life is going so far for SHS PGR students and learn more about students across the SHS Faculty.   

Date & Time: Friday, 27 November at 1 pm GMT   Place: Teams (see Eventbrite link below)  


Dr. Alan Ingram (Dept of Geography)  

Honeyeh Iravani (Dept of Geography)  

Rachel Chua (Dept of History)  

Lily Charoenpacharaporn (Dept of History)  

Please sign-up on Eventbrite to receive the link to the panel:…   

We hope you join us! If you would like to participate in future discussions or have an idea for something you would like to talk about, please reach out to one of us.  


Will and Aleks

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