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Tuesday 8 December 202013.00 to 14.00

Do you feel overwhelmed about your finances?

Join us for a 1 hour introductory session on smart money management by Ms. Diana Hawk- our Leadership Development Manager at the Students’ Union, UCL. We’ll cover budgeting best practice and talk about the best ways to save and spend your money as a student parent/carer. For many of us financial management wasn’t taught at school but it is never too late to learn basics which will help you for the rest of your life!

We intend to touch upon the following:

-Introduction to budgeting principles
-Demo with an app
-Key finance terms (sinking fund, emergency fund, compound interest, etc.)
-Discussion on ways to save money and increase income
-Some basic information on pensions and investments 

Please feel free to join even if you are not a carer, as most of the content is relevant to wider student community. 

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