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Thursday 29 October 202009.00 to Thursday 12 November 202018.00

Halloween is here!

Let us make the most of it in the COVID restricted world through this fun competition involving your children.

Upload one photo of your child/children in their Halloween costume through the Form provided to enter our Photo competition.

Note that we consider a single entry from one student for the competition. Please provide a catchy caption too! 

Three best entries will be selected for attractive prizes which will be delivered to your homes!

The entries will be treated with utmost care, abiding to data protection policy, and will be promptly deleted after the competition. 

You can submit your entries until 8th November, and prizes will be announced in the following week.

We have got our panel of wonderful judges- Danielle Swanson (Advice and Advocacy Manager), Diana Hawk (Leadership Development Manage) and Oliver Peachey (Volunteering Administrator) at the Students’ Union to select the winners.

Fill the form and upload your entries as soon as your little ones are ready for Halloween.

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