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Monday 25 February 201917.00 to 21.00

Beat and Heads Up presents you with a week of discussion and insight into eating disorders to mark ‘Eating Disorder awareness week’ from the 25 February – 1 March. 

Eating disorders affect an estimated 1.6million people in the UK and yet there remains a lot of stigma and lack of understanding around this. We want to raise awareness on the different types of eating disorders that exist and how it impacts individuals through creating an opportunity to open up conversations around it. Eating disorders are a serious mental health issue which needs to be addressed as sufferers struggle with disclosure, making it difficult to access help and seek support.

This week also marks the start of the self-image campaign by Heads Up which aims to improve people’s negative feelings of self-perception and their image.

We invite you to this exhibition at UCL which will discuss the different manifestations of these illnesses, their causes, and treatment through posters and artwork. The art work on display is by individuals who have experienced an eating disorder, so come along and find out more. There will be resources available to take away providing information on support services as well as a trained mental health first aider.