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Thursday 2 May 201912.30 to 14.00

Is revision getting a little too much? Want to take a break and do something creative?

Come along to a thought-provoking and creative workshop to boost and inspire our positive thinking using the power of words.

Join us as we look at the impact that positive words have on your mental and physical health and how consciously using more positive words can benefit your everyday life.

We will think of words that make us feel energised, loved, excited and decorate a group project whilst sharing some techniques to lift our thoughts on a daily basis.

This workshop is suitable for anyone who is curious about positive thinking, wellbeing, craft and sharing ideas creatively with other people.

This event will take place in Foster Court, Room 217.

Pre-booking is required as spaces are limited!

No equipment is needed, just an enthusiasm to learn and create!

The session will be hosted by Candida Bradley (A Makers Library).

Instagram: amakerslibraryuk    Facebook: amakerslibrary