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Friday 12 February 2021 (All day)

Chinese Traditional Painting and Calligraphy Society have recorded a special workshop to celebrate Chinese New Year. The topic of this workshop will revolve around the special character Fú福. Every Spring Festival, Chinese families will hang the character Fú on to doors or windows, which represents their wishes for good fortune in the coming year. We will start by giving you an introduction to this character and it’s associated traditions, then we will teach you how to write this character step by step in the Yanzhenqing/Yan Style Regular Script 颜体楷书. We look forward to celebrate this most important Chinese festival with you all.

There are 4 videos for you to have a look at; Spring Couplet Introduction, Regular Script, Semi-Cursive Script and the Character Fú福

Click here for the Video Tutorials for Chinese Calligraphy Society

🏮 If you don’t have the calligraphy equipment, you can still join us with a pen and a piece of paper, so that we can alternatively teach you how to write spring festival-related blessing messages in Chinese!

🏮 If you have the essential equipment, please try to prepare several pieces (or at least one piece) of squared paper in RED for writing the Fú character! At the same time, we would still encourage you to also prepare normal Xuan paper for practicing this character before moving on to writing the final piece on the red paper.

🏮 For more information about remote membership, essential equipment and syllabus, please see our previous post (named ‘Essential Information’) on our Facebook/Instagram

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