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Thursday 21 March 201918.00

The UCL Unicef On Campus AGM takes place on the 21st of March, Thursday, at 6pm in room 422 in Roberts Building. 

If you would like to take part in the committee for the upcoming academic year, please apply for a role now! 

The nominations for President and Treasurer roles are now open, and closes this Friday on the 15th of March at 12pm, so please nominate yourself as soon as possible! 

For the other roles, the application is due by the 17th of March. You just have to send in a paragraph to explaining why you want to be part of UCL Unicef, what role you are interested in, any relevant past work experiences, and propose any fundraising ideas that could be done next year.

More information can be found in our Facebook event page - 

Please join us! Thank you!