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Thursday 28 February 201918.00 to 20.00

UCL VolSoc is hosting a panel discussion to raise awareness of eating disorders. The speakers will provide unique insights into eating disorders from both a medical and personal perspective.


Dr Paul Robinson:

Dr Robinson is a doctor and lecturer in the UCL medical school specialising in eating disorders and clincal treatments for them. He runs the MSc in Eating Disorders and Clinical Nutrition.

Zoe Raymond:

Zoe is a regional officer for the south of England for Beat, the UK's largest eating disorder charity. Zoe is repsonsible for the activities of Beat in the south of England and has worked for Beat for a number of years.

Emma Kinnaird:

Emma is currently doing a Medical Research Council funded PhD at King's College London, with a specific focus on men and people with autism who suffer from eating disorder.

Thomas Pickford:

Thomas is a fourth-year History student at UCL who struggled with Eating Disorders during his studies at UCL.