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Monday 1 February 202118.00 to 19.00

Join us next Monday at 18:00 as we talk to Professor Nora Colton, the current Director of the UCL Global Business School of Health.

Professor Nora Colton has spent over 36 years in academia with a multitude of qualifications under her belt from Harvard, University of Oxford, and Georgetown to name a few.

She will be talking to us about the numerous fields she has specialised in, including Middle Eastern Studies, Economics, Health Education and others, along with her extensive field experiences in Yemen, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and the UAE.

Nora will be sharing her tips on applying for research grants, as her experiences were carried out through receiving 2 Fulbright Grants, a Carnegie Foundation Fellowship, a Social Science Research Grant and numerous other grants.

There’s something for everyone to learn from Professor Colton, and it will definitely be worth a listen!

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