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Friday 1 March 201918.00 to 21.00

Ever wanted to put your dating abilities to the test? Looking to find someone after the post-Valentine’s day blues? Or do you just want to watch blind-folded people pick someone to go on a date with based solely on their answers to a couple questions?

UCLRAG, UCLE and UCLove are back with So You Think You Can Date!


Expect an evening of entertainment, where we will be putting dating to the test: participants will be selecting a date without using their vision to make the decision👀

Applications are now OPEN, just follow the link below if you want to take part:

And if you are interested in viewing this social experiment, it’s only £3 on the door and all the funds raised will contribute directly to UCL RAG Week, fundraising for RAG’s selected charities for the year!

So don’t think about it twice, this will be way better than anything you’ve seen on TV. Guaranteed.

Much love,

UCLove, UCLe, and UCL RAG xxx