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Tuesday 19 February 201919.30 to 22.30

To mark the reopening of the Bloomsbury Theatre, UCL Music Society presents a concert celebrating Czech music and composers.

UCL Opera was the first ever show when the theatre originally opened as the Collegiate Theatre in 1968.

The first half of the concert will be the Chamber Choir singing a selection of pieces from Dvorak, and the second half will be selections from the 2019 Opera, Libuse.

“O, that she might only choose a husband, capable of restraining passion!”

Composed in 1871-72, UCOpera reimagines Smetana’s Bohemian queen and her medieval court in the modern-day city, where soaring skyscrapers promise glamour and wealth at a human cost. Born into a celebrated legal dynasty, Libuse, having inherited her late father’s firm, is queen of the corporate world and obliged to assert herself as its leader, working tirelessly to expand the firm and prove herself. A quarrel between her two most-valued senior partners, Chrudos and St’ahlav, throws the stability of her company into jeopardy, and Chrudos’ sexist attack on her leadership threatens to push Libuse over the edge. Tasked with arbitrating over their argument, Libuse feels the true loneliness of being a woman at the top.

Tickets are £5 online or you can get them in person at the Bloomsbury Theatre Box Office.