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Wednesday 3 March 202115.00 to 16.00

We are pleased to announced our first ever Nature and Conservation Society Book Club event!

We will be meeting to discuss the seminal work by Rachel Carson, Silent Spring. Published in the 1962 as warning call against the indescriminate use of pesticides, it has been given credit for inspiring the modern environmental movement in the USA and leading to the ban of DDT for agricultural uses in the country a decade later. 

Almost 60 years have passed since its publication, but unfortunately its messages still remain relevant as other pesticides like neonicotinoids continue to threaten wildlife and ecosystem function today. 

So bring your tea and biscuits and lets come together to discuss more! Even if you don’t manage to finish the book, don’t feel put off from attending and having a chat. A zoom link will be sent out to members before the event. 

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