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Saturday 3 October 202020.00
After this last year, we’re definitely all in need of a party.
So why not dial in to Music Soc’s first official social of the year, our Virtual Welcome Party?
Come dressed as anything remotely related to music, from literally the Queen of the Night to a music stand, David Bowie to your fave performance outfit, be creative!
There’ll be a multitude of team games, from icebreakers to seriously competitive Kahoot quizzes, all over Zoom from 8pm. You’ll also meet our lovely committee this year…through a quiz round of interesting/ embarrassing/ downright worrying facts and stories.
Feel free to bring drinks and snacks whilst you play along, we can’t wait to see (if not exactly meet) you all! A link will be released on our Facebook page on the day where you can join from.
Free members also welcome.