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Thursday 29 October 202017.00 to 18.00

Come along to train with us at UCL Muay Thai! This event runs every Thursday, as it is one of our regular weekly training sessions - the others are Tuesdays 5-6pm + Fridays 4-5.30pm!

Our coaches have competed at a very high level, and are qualified to teach students of all levels to improve our skills. Just remember to buy a ticket to the event, bring some water, and come already changed before the session as changing rooms at Somerstown are closed due to COVID-19.

We also recommend buying yourselves a skipping rope, as this is what we normally use for our warm-ups (you can find these at any sports shop for under £5). Finally, make sure to use the one-way entry system to Somerstown and maintain social distancing at all times.

See you there!

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