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Saturday 13 February 202118.00

The UCL Libertarian Society invites you to its first event: an introduction to Libertarianism as a political movement and philosophical concept. President Alexander McQuibban will be presenting the history and central tenets of Libertarianism, its most renown thinkers, as well as where Libertarian movements stand today and how we can help promote liberty in today’s society. This will be followed by more information regarding the society, our present and future activities and events, and an open discussion between all attendees. Are you a Libertarian? Not sure? There may be more common ground between your personal political philosophy and Libertarianism than you think! Find out at 6 pm (18:00) BST on Saturday, the 13th of February, via zoom. 

The zoom link will be emailed to members and shared on the official UCLiberty WhatsApp groupchat and instagram page.

To keep up to date with this event and more from the UCL Libertarian society follow us on instagram at (@UCLiberty) DM us there if you want to be added to the WhatsApp groupchat. 

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