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Saturday 3 October 202019.30

Welcome freshers!

Following on from the second day of the Welcome Fair and as the final event of our UCL Lacrosse Welcome Week, join UCL Lacrosse as we show you that no pandemic can stop us from doing what we do best: consuming vast quantities of liquid.

Whether your beverage of choice is alcoholic or non-alcoholic, whether it’s 7.30pm or 7.30am for you, everyone is welcome to come and break the ice using some good old fashioned drinking games. 

We’ll be delving into your deepest and darkest secrets with a game of Never Have I Ever, introducing you to some lacrosse classics like Black Black White, and rounding it off with a game of virtual Ring of Fire. 

By using breakout rooms and re-shuffling the group every 10 minutes, we’ll be giving you the chance to meet as many fellow freshers, committee members and returners as possible. 

Don’t Miss Out! 

Join our Facebook Group: UCL Lacrosse or follow us on Instagram: @team_ucl_lacrosse for more information! The link to the Zoom call will be posted on the Facebook Event nearer to the time! 

Note: This event is joint between UCL Lacrosse and UCL Lacrosse (Men’s).