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Sunday 13 October 201907.15 to 19.30

For our FINAL Try It! Fortnight walk we’ll be taking on one of the most fantastic cliff-top walks in the whole of the UK (and a UCL Hiking ultimate favourite): the famous Seven Sisters. You can expect views of the chalk cliffs stretching as far as you can see, with rolling hills all the way along the route. Expect to catch a sight of the renowned Beachy Head, before ending in the elegant seafront town of Eastbourne. We will be departing early in the morning as the walk is quite long, so make sure you get a good night’s sleep before this one!

If you’ve never hiked before, we don’t recommend this walk for complete beginners, as there isn’t an opportunity to stop half way and there are quite a number of climbing and descending of hills. But if you're ready to take on the challenge, come along!

Of course, you don't have to be a member to join us ;) Please read the information below very carefully, and feel free to message us if any questions arise.

WALK LEADERS: Elly Chaw, Johannes Girsch, Louise Bresson, Sarah Johnston, Alice Carty
WALK DIFFICULTY: 7/10 (read what this means at

0715 at London Bridge station outside Pret A Manger (the one right opposite the main ticket barriers!)

There are two tickets for you to buy - you'll need both:
1) OFF-PEAK DAY RETURN: London Bridge to Eastbourne (Outbound: 0741)(Inbound: 1800) (£22.70 with Railcard)
2) ANYTIME DAY SINGLE: Lewes to Seaford (Outbound: 0935) (£1.85 with Railcard)
IMPORTANT: Prices tend to fluctuate so do get them as early as possible, and we recommend you to buy on

Bring packed lunch (sandwiches, fruits, cold pasta, baguettes, etc...up to you really) and water!

>Raincoat/Waterproof Jacket (ESSENTIAL) in case of bad weather
>Train tickets and Railcard (if you have it, they'll check!)
>Hat or scarf if you're feeling chilly
>Hiking boots or other footwear you don't mind getting muddy
>Entertainment for long train ride
>Your smile and enthusiasm :)

Come and join us, we can't wait to see you!!! Please hit "going" if you're coming, we'd like to get a good sense of numbers :~)