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Saturday 12 October 201908.45 to 18.30

For the third hike of this series, we want to bring you down to the popular South. For Londoners, Surrey is the first place that comes to mind for a day hike or quick escape. Don't worry, you DON'T have to be a member to come for this. We just want you to bring some mates, have fun, and buy membership afterwards ;)

The information below are very important, please read them carefully and meet at the right time, and at the right station! Do message us if you have any questions :)

There are numerous fine viewpoints looking southwards from the North Downs escarpment, but less well known are the views to the north, where London can be seen in the far distance. This walk takes in both, starting with a climb over Chantries Hill and then carrying on to St Martha’s Church, perched high on the downs, you then descend to the village of Albury for lunch, though picnickers can miss out this descent and stay on the North Downs Way.

From Albury, there is a steady climb up to Newland’s Corner, another popular viewpoint, before a wooded stretch along the North Downs Way. To finish, the walk descends through beautiful upland country to the north of the ridge, with views right to the distant City of London on clear days. In autumn, this walk alternates plenty of fine leaf colour with extensive views.

WALK LEADERS: Elly Chaw, Louise Bresson, David Lukic
WALK DIFFICULTY: 4/10 (read more about walk grades on our website

0845 at London Waterloo outside Pret A Manger

Buy an OFF-PEAK DAY RETURN between London Waterloo and Guildford (Outbound: 0915)(Inbound: 1728), £17.40 without 16-25 Railcard and £11.50 with Railcard (prices tend to fluctuate so do get them as early as possible, and we recommend you to buy on

Bring packed lunch (sandwiches, fruits, cold pasta, baguettes, etc...up to you really) and water!

>Raincoat/Waterproof Jacket (ESSENTIAL) in case of bad weather
>Train tickets and Railcard (if you have it, they'll check!)
>Hat or scarf if you're feeling chilly
>Hiking boots or other footwear you don't mind getting muddy
>Your smile and enthusiasm :)

Come and join us, we can't wait to see you!!! Please hit "going" if you're coming, we'd like to get a good sensing of numbers :~)