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Saturday 5 October 201909.00 to 17.30

Welcome to the very first of our annual Try It! Fortnight series for you new students, where you'll get an experience of the Hiking Club over the span of 4 hikes, each with different distances at different locations of England. Don't worry, you DON'T have to be a member to come for these hikes. We just want you to bring some mates, have fun, and buy membership afterwards ;)

The information below are very important, please read them carefully and make sure you get the right tickets, and be on time to meet! Feel free to message us if you have any questions.

This walk is full of small delights: a nature reserve and lake with Japanese pavilion down by the stream below the impressive gardens and park of Nymans (National Trust) with its part-ruined manor house; a churchyard in Slaugham (pronounced 'Slaffam') with a 600-year-old yew tree some 10 metres in circumference; the ruins of Slaugham Manor; then a walk down to the River Ouse – with the incongruous sight of a Roman arch and columns in the middle of nowhere – and later up through fields and woods to the fine old village of Balcombe. Definitely a great hike for starters!

WALK LEADERS: Elly Chaw, Kacper Zdzieborski, Sarah Johnston, David Lukic
WALK DIFFICULTY: 4/10 (read more about what this means on our website

0920 at London St Pancras International outside BENUGO

Buy a SUPER OFF-PEAK DAY RETURN between London St Pancras International and Balcombe (Outbound: 0950)(Inbound: 1652), £10.20 without 16-25 Railcard and £6.75 with Railcard (prices tend to fluctuate so do get them as early as possible, and we recommend you to buy on

Bring packed lunch (sandwiches, fruits, cold pasta, baguettes, etc...up to you really) and water!

>Raincoat/Waterproof Jacket (ESSENTIAL) in case of bad weather
>Train tickets and Railcard (if you have it, they'll check!)
>Hat or scarf if you're feeling chilly
>Hiking boots or other footwear you don't mind getting muddy
>Your smile and enthusiasm :)

Come and join us, we can't wait to see you!!! Please hit "going" if you're coming, we'd like to get a good sense of numbers :~)