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Monday 12 October 202016.30


If you’re feeling lost about your future and unsure which career path to choose, the UCL Guild is the perfect place to start exploring your options. We are your ultimate careers service developed for students by students. x5 opportunities, x5 mentorship schemes, all in one place, provided by the leading career societies at UCL!

This event will give you the opportunity to meet the senior committees of

  • UCL Business Society

  • UCL Entrepreneurs Society

  • UCL Data Science Society

  • UCL Investment Society

  • UCL Women in Finance Society

Together we will tell you about the opportunities for meeting industry professionals, attending conferences and workshops, or becoming part of our committees.

We know, being a fresher can be overwhelming, especially with the number of student societies at UCL. So use this event as a chance to see what society is the best fit for your personality and your goals! Interested in starting your business? Talk to UCL Entrepreneurs or UCL Business Society. Looking to improve your chances of landing an investment banking or consulting job as a female? UCL Women in Finance will tell you how. Is “The Wolf of Wall Street” your favorite movie? You’ll find many likeminded friends in UCL Investment Society. Want to become the next Zuckerberg? Check out UCL DSS!

Find the zoom link on our events on the Guild facebook page. Want to learn more about the Guild? Visit our website here.

Looking forward to our virtual coffee-chat!