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Thursday 21 January 202117.00 to 18.15

Welcome back!

This public speaking workshop is a safe learning environment for you to practice your communication skills. The emphasis of this workshop will be on breaking the ice and making new friends in our society. For those of you who have not attended our workshops before, this will be a wonderful chance to see a demonstration of what our workshops are like.

Our workshop will start off with an icebreakers segment for all of us to get acquainted with one another. We will then proceed with a prepared speech by Madeline Lee, titled “Remember to Drink Water”. Subsequently, we will do a quickfire segment where volunteers give an impromptu 2 min response to a prompt. We will conclude by crowning the best impromptu speaker of the session. Click here for a more detailed agenda.

Here is the link to the workshop:

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See you there!

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