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Thursday 19 November 202017.00 to 19.00

Join us on our society Discord server for a lovely evening of games and banter!

We’ll be playing Codenames and JackBox: Talking Points!

Codenames is a word game designed to pit two teams of spies, each led by a Spymaster. The Spymaster will give one-word clues to the spies that point to multiple words on the board. The spies will then attempt to select the words alluded to, while avoiding words belonging to the opponents. May the most succinct communicator win! 

JackBox: Talking Points is a party game that embraces short, ridiculous speeches. Speakers are given picture slides they’ve never seen before and words that they didn’t write. A partner will shift through these pictures and words to lead them, while the audience expresses their entertainment by applauding in real-time via their phones. Creativity, humor, and spontaneity collide in this hilarious game.

Here is the link to our Discord server:

We look forward to seeing you there!

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