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Tuesday 6 October 202018.30
These sessions take place tuesdays and thursdays, for those who want to train competitively, the space given is between 6:30-7:30 with Marius and for a more open one there’s a 7-8 slot with Juliet.
If you’re a Highgate member you can book places via your Webcollect account (where you buy your membership from) and these are FREE
If you’re not a member you’ll have to book via EventBrite and these sessions cost £3 per session or a £20 membership (plus a £20 joining fee for newcomers) for the year!
Note that numbers are still limited and you need to book before coming to the track. For example tonight has 15 places left on eventbrite; on the Highgate link there are only 7 places left for tonight.
TL;DR book your places early via the links below!