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Thursday 4 February 202119.00

As part of our This Girl Can events, we’re really excited to present the This Girl Can Open Mic! This is an opportunity exclusively for everyone who identifies as a woman, femme, or non-binary and/or genderqueer to perform, but everyone is very welcome to come along to watch and support.

We know open mics can be really intimidating, which is why we wanted to create a welcoming space specifically for those who may not usually perform to do so. We know how many incredible non-male musicians we have in our society and we really want to showcase your talents. If you’re feeling apprehensive please come along to our workshop on the 2nd [LINK], or contact a committee member (Shiv Dasani, Natasha Sturgess, Rishika George and Kelly Cheung will all be super helpful so just FB message them).

We know recording yourself can be quite intimidating so we’re also providing the opportunity to submit an MP3 file without a video, or you could create your own lyric video/graphic so you don’t have to video yourself. We also know that many people feel scared to perform alone so we’ve created a sheet where you can write that you want to perform and other people can see and sign up to perform with you:

This event will work the same as our previous open mics: sign up on the form and we’ll contact you with specific instructions, but you’ll have till midnight on Wednesday 3rd Feb to send in your videos. Depending on how many sign-ups we get, everyone will have the opportunity to perform 1-2 songs.


(Note: we may have to close sign-ups depending on demand so sign up sooner rather than later!)

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