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Thursday 28 January 202118.00 to 19.00

Join the women of RUMSBC in a short but sweaty abs and legs circuit on zoom, designed to get your body moving and your heart racing, whatever level of fitness you might be at!

The online session will be split up into a short warm-up, a few rounds of core, leg, and glute circuits, followed by a yoga-inspired set of cool down stretches. Our lovely women’s captain Melissa will demonstrate and guide you through all the exercises. No previous experience needed and all the movements will use your bodyweight, so all you’ll need is yourself, a mat/soft ground and some water.

The RUMSBC women’s senior and novice squads are made up of ladies from a range of ages and fitness levels. While we’d normally be training out on the river Thames 2-3 times a week, this year we’ve had to adapt our exercise routines to Covid guidance and lockdown. Our leg strength and core stability sessions not only benefit us in our rowing, but also inspire self-discipline and empowerment of ourselves and each other in our day to day lives.

So whether you’ve never done a squat or a plank in your life, or are simply looking to change your fitness routine up, we’d love for you to join us getting our sweat on online!

*header quote from women’s health

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