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Friday 24 January 202017.30

New to bubble tea or new to the society? We’re having a ‘give it a go’ taster event! Join us for a Bubble Tea Crawl in Central London. 🥤🎊 Anyone is free to join us, membership isn’t required for this event. This is a great opportunity to see what the society has to offer, try out some bubble tea and meet some new people! Whether you’re an undergrad or postgrad student, we’d love for you to come to our event. 🌸

Bubble Tea Crawl | Friday 24th Jan at 5.30pm
Meet in front of the British Museum! We will show you guys all the Bubble Tea shops around UCL, Soho and Chinatown. There are a lot new shops so it will be a great way to get to know not only all the places for great Bubble Tea but also the area around UCL if you haven’t already. The crawl will end with a social at Biju in Soho, so if you can’t make it for the crawl, you can still join us at the end of the night. ✨

If you are planing on joining us please click ‘going’!!🌻 We can’t wait to see you soon