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Saturday 13 February 202112.00 to 13.00
UCL TEDx society will be organising TED Circles at 12:00- 13:00 PM GMT on 13/2 (Saturday). TED Circles are events where a host sets up a particular topic and create an intimate ‘circle’ for discussion with his/her/their audiences. Our society is honoured to have Mukund Hari Nathany, an officially registered TED Circles host to lead our discussions on the theme of ‘How fast can a vaccine be made, and when is a pandemic over?’.
So grab a cup of coffee and come along with us to share your ideas surrounding the theme, which can be interpreted as broadly as you want to. Events like these culminate into sharing takeaways which the TED Circles team uses to create a global conversation.
Register using the Eventbrite link:, and you’ll get a unique link in your email to join the call on the platform! 
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