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Monday 22 February 202113.00 to 14.00

Speaker: Peter Dray
Meeting ID: 999 0531 8865
Passcode: 557707

We are brought up in a culture that teaches us to succeed. This might mean making good money, getting a good job, making our family proud, getting good grades at uni… So we strive to achieve them.
But you feel like an imposter, everyone around you seems better than you are. You’re told to work harder, that a bit more success will make you feel better. But it never does… There’s always more, it’s overwhelming, the fear of failure, the feeling of insignificance.
So… what now?
Events week is a series of talks organized by the UCL Christian Union, around 40min each, and this year we are exploring the theme of “What now?”. We are very excited to have Peter Dray from UCCF speak to us on the topic “Success Culture and Christianity - How Can I Succeed And Fail Without It Ruining Me?” Whether you call yourself a Christian or not, we would love for you to join us!
Feel free to invite your friends and keep your eyes peeled for the talks happening during the rest of the week as well!

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